Getting A-Head of Cancer

Posted by Anne-Marie on October 8, 2013

Hisham Photo

We are working with The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham Charity and the University of Birmingham to give patients access to new drugs quicker than anywhere else in the country.

Drugs trials through pharmaceutical companies can take up to ten years before they reach patients. By working with the team at the Institute of Head and Neck Studies and Education, led by Professor Hisham Mehanna (pictured above), Chair of Head and Neck Surgery, patients at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital could receive new treatments after as little as twelve months.

The QE Cancer Appeal aims to raise £1,000,000 in partnership with Get A-Head to fund a new Accelerated Cancer Drug treatment programme for the next five years. The programme will start with head and neck cancers or thyroid cancers, but aims to roll the programme out to other cancers in the future. This means we can offer hope to patients who currently suffer from these cancers, as well as helping patients who may develop these cancers in the future.

Professor Mehanna explained: “Cancer is indiscriminate. It affects people of all ages and all races directly and, indirectly, the patient’s loved ones. This programme is about speeding up treatment by matching existing drugs, which have already been approved in other conditions like arthritis, to cancers where they have not been tried before.”

Please support this appeal and help patients with cancer by contacting the office on 0121 371 5046 to make a donation.