How Do We Spend Your Money?

Posted by Anne-Marie on September 25, 2014

Have you ever wondered how we spend the money you raise for us? 

In the first of a new series, we feature a few of the recent projects we have helped to fund with your generous donations and fundraising.

Complementary TherapyGet A-Head continue to fund the Complementary Therapy Service at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham.  The Service was set up with the aim of offering deep relaxation therapies to patients who attend the Head & Neck Unit. The therapies are not seen as an alternative to medical care, they are offered to complement the care.  It is well recognised that many people choose to use complementary therapies in the home and community, however very few therapists have detailed knowledge of head & neck disease and the medical treatments required. With this in mind we felt it was appropriate to provide access to therapies which are given under the supervision of a Clinical Nurse Specialist who has expert knowledge of head & neck disease and is also a qualified complementary therapist.


Sandwell Electrolarynx

We provided funds to the Speech and Language Department of City Hospital, Birmingham so they could purchase 5 electro-larynxes for use by patients who have had their voice box removed during surgery.  The devices are used to produce electronic speech for these patients, making communication with family and friends much easier than writing everything down.  This greatly improves their quality of life.




Royal Marsden - Karen Article


We have also funded the costs for several Allied Health Professionals to attend specialist Head & Neck and Thyroid Study Day course at The Royal Marsden Hospital in London, to ensure our medical staff have the best and most up to date knowledge available to them when treating their patients.



We’ll feature more in this series next week and if you would like to help us continue to fund these services please call the office on 0121 371 5046.