How Do We Spend Your Money? Part 2

Posted by Anne-Marie on September 30, 2014

In the latest of our series on projects we have funded, we feature some examples of the equipment we have been able to help purchase with the money you have kindly donated. 

BCH Surgical Navigation Unit

We provide funding to Birmingham Children’s Hospital to help them purchase a Surgical Navigation Unit, which is an advanced computer-assisted and image-guided navigational system that allows surgeons to precisely position surgical instruments during head and neck surgery.  This will allow the hospital to develop its pioneering endoscopic surgery and provide children with the best possible care.



NIO MachineWe have purchased a NIOX MINO analyser for the Multidisciplinary Allergy Clinic at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham.  The equipment analyses exhaled nitric oxide and will assist in diagnosing allergies and allow for instant decisions of the management of the conditions. 





OAE TympanometerThe Hearing Centre at the Ear, Nose & Throat Clinic at Heartlands Hospital was able to purchase a OAE/Tympanometer test suite with funding provide by Get A-Head.  The equipment allows a quick patient friendly assessment of children’s hearing and it particularly useful for young children and those with special needs for who a subjective assessment is very difficult.





Look out next week for the next in this series and if you would like to help us continue to fund these services please call the office on 0121 371 5046