More Miles 4 Mel

Posted by Anne-Marie on May 19, 2014

50 Riders! 180 Miles! One Goal! Cycle More Miles 4 Mel! Challenge Completed – Over £50,000 raised!! On Friday 16th and Saturday 17th May a team of 50 cyclists from Unilever completed their epic challenge to ride 180 miles from Leatherhead to Gilwern, South Wales in memory of their much loved colleague Mel Jaggard. The …Read more

British Thyroid Foundation Support Meeting

Posted by Anne-Marie on May 13, 2014

 The next local BTF Support meeting is being held in June, for more details click the picture below.  

Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma

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  Salivary gland carcinomas (SGC) are a group of diverse but relatively rare head and neck cancers. The different subtypes differ in their microscopic appearance, with high grade tumours being more aggressive than intermediate and low grade tumours. Risk factors for the development of SGCs include diet, previous radiotherapy, ultraviolet radiation, infection with Epstein Barr …Read more

Accelerated Drug Programme

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Over the past four decades there have only been a small number of new cancer drugs introduced for the treatment of head, neck and thyroid cancer. As a result there have been very few advances and improvements in survival of head and neck cancer with approximately four out of every ten patients having a recurrence …Read more

Patient Group Christmas Party

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Get A-Head Patient Group held a very successful Christmas party on Friday 6th December 2013, at the Priory Club, Sir Harry’s Road in Edgbaston. Over 70 patients and friends attended the evening and yummy food and drinks were enjoyed by all. On the evening there was a tombola, raffle and guess the celebrity hiding under …Read more

Medullary Thyroid Cancer

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Medullary thyroid cancer (MTC) is a rare form of cancer that develops in the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland sits in the neck on either side of the trachea (windpipe). Medullary Thyroid Cancer is harder to treat than other forms of thyroid cancer as it responds less well to standard therapy. There is a need …Read more

Unilever riding Miles for Mel

Posted by Anne-Marie on May 12, 2014

50 Riders!  180 Miles!  2 Days!  One Goal!! Cycle Miles4Mel – 16th & 17th May A team of staff from Unilever in Leatherhead are hoping to raise thousands of pounds for Get A-Head in memory of one of their colleagues. Richard Marriott of Unilever says : “Last August, Mel Jaggard, a colleague in our Customer Development …Read more

Kayak Challenge Sponsors and Donors

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  Get A-Head would like to thank the following companies who have kindly sponsored the Kayak Challenge, without who the challenge would not be possible. We would also like to thank the following companies who have donated to the fundraising in support of research into MTC and ACC. AC Lloyd Band Hatton Button Advent PR …Read more

Barclays Trade Staff Visit Get A-Head and QEHB

Posted by Anne-Marie on May 6, 2014

  Recently members of staff from Barclays Trade Department  came to visit Get A-Head and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital to see first-hand how the money they are raising is being spent.  Below is Michelle’s story of the visit. On Friday 11th April Vicky Palmer, Lucy Antonini and I visited the Get A-Head charity manager Louise John who …Read more

Kayak Challenge Training

Posted by Anne-Marie on May 2, 2014

Take a look at some of the photos of some of the team in training. Looks like Mark E & Murray have adapted to the differences in stability kayaking in their K2 as opposed to the single Kayak they started in.  Tom looks like he’s lost his kayaking partner, Mark L is in Wales training in a …Read more