Equipment Grant Awarded to The ICR

The Get A-Head Charitable Trust is generously supporting head and neck cancer research at The Institute of Cancer Research.

In the laboratory of Professor Kevin Harrington, they are aiming to understand the underlying biology of these tumours, as well as to identify better, more personalised treatment options for head and neck cancer. The Get A-Head Charitable Trust has donated funds to purchase vital equipment needed for this research.

Two multi-drop dispensers have arrived which will be used to help them test how effective a single drug or several drugs in combination might be against head and neck cancers. These dispensers can handle a large number of samples with a much higher accuracy and efficiency than is possible manually.

In order to process the samples it is very important to keep them at a low temperature to preserve the cellular components (such as DNA and proteins) so they have also purchased a refrigerated micro-centrifuge to help them achieve the best possible results.

Professor Kevin Harrington said: “Were very excited and grateful to receive the support of the Get A-Head Charitable Trust. This equipment will allow scientists in my lab to improve treatment options for head and neck cancers and learn which patients will benefit most from them.”