Get A-Head supports nationwide call to transform cancer care

Get A-Head has thrown its weight behind a nationwide campaign to reduce cancer deaths and improve cancer care for patients.

Cancer Research UK – the UK’s largest cancer charity – claims the next UK Government could help reduce cancer deaths by 20,000 a year and dramatically improve cancer outcomes for patients if it commits to an ambitious 10-year plan.

The charity made the claim as it launched its new ‘Longer Better Lives’ manifesto – an ambitious cancer plan which, if adopted, would ensure the UK is amongst the best in the world for cancer survival by 2035.

Get A-Head director Danni Heath said: “We are fully supportive of the manifesto launched by Cancer Research UK and have signed its open letter to political party leaders to demonstrate we are on board with doing whatever we can to help drive down cancer deaths in the UK and improve care for patients.

“The charity is recommending the formation of a National Cancer Council to bring the government, the life sciences sector, charities and scientific experts together to tackle the ongoing, complex challenges which exist in the UK.

“It is also calling for more funding into cancer research, suggests passing new laws on the sale of tobacco products and urges that plans be put in place to tackle staff shortages in the NHS to help reduce patient wating times.

“All of the above are absolutely fundamental to improving cancer care and we hope that ahead of the next general election that all parties recognise the urgency of the plans which have been outlined.

“As a small charity supporting patients with head and neck cancer we are doing our utmost to support new research, fund vital equipment and provide direct support to patients but a unified national approach is critical if we are to achieve meaningful change and prevent thousands of deaths a year.

“Head and neck cancers have a significant and life changing impact on patients but investment from the government for research and treatments into this type of cancer is long-overdue.

“Where possible, we will continue to make the case for more funding and will be watching closely the developments with this campaign.”

More than 5,500 people had signed Cancer Research UK’s open letter to politicians within the first three days of it going live online. Its target is to reach 10,000 signatures. You can sign the letter here and find out more about the manifesto by visiting