Leaving a Gift in your Will

Thank you for considering leaving a gift to The Get A-Head Charitable Trust in your Will.

By leaving a gift to Get A-Head in your Will, you can make a positive impact on future generations to come.  Any gift, no matter how small or large, will make a real difference.  These gifts will allow us to continue to fund vital research into rare head & neck cancers, purchase life-changing medical equipment and fund education for the next generation of medical professionals.  

Making a Will

There are different types of Gift you can leave in your Will, including:

  • Residuary gift – a share of your estate.  After you have provided for your family and friend, you can leave a share or the remainder of your estate to us.
  • Pecuniary gift – a gift of a exact sum of money


It is important to take advice from a solicitor or professional will-writer to ensure that all the legal formalities are correctly followed and that your Will is Valid.

Please remember to use our full name The Get A-Head Charitable Trust, our registered charity number 1118326 and the correct registered address:

Room 23f, 4th Floor
Nuffield House
Queen Elizabeth Hospital
B15 2Th

Contact the office on 0121 794 9596 or email info@getahead.org.uk if you have any questions about leaving a gift to Get A-Head in your Will.

Remember a Charity logo

We are part of Remember A Charity – a consortium of over 140 charities set up to raise awareness of the importance of having a Will and leaving gifts to charities, after people have looked after their family and friends. You can also visit their website for further information about making a Will and leaving a legacy.