Aston Labs Care & Share

Posted by Anne-Marie on October 28, 2015

They did it! The trio from Aston Labs exceeded their goal of cycling 275 in under 24 hours and have so far raised nearly £3,000 for a number of the Aston Labs Care and Share charities, of which Get A-Head are one of the chosen charities.

Aston Labs 1

Congratulations to Nev Trotter (Operations Director – who rode 280 miles), Anthony Woodhouse (Technical Manager – who covered 175 miles) and Paul Gair (Engineering Projects Manager – who covered 175 miles) who endured this epic test of strength and endurance, visiting all of Specsavers’ UK-based M&D sites en route.

The cyclists set off from Cirrus House in Nottingham at 11.00 am last Wednesday morning and finished the following morning at Airways Optical in Southampton.

The route went via Hi Spec, Aston Labs, IGS, Lens on Line and Vision Labs. They were joined by other riders from IGS and Airways Optical en route.

‘We completed 449km (280 miles) in 20hrs 55mins,’ said Nev Trotter, one of the riders.  ‘We had a brilliant team, exceptional support, great receptions at each location and raised a lot of money for our Care and Share charities. Thanks again to everyone for their support and donations and also the kind words and encouragement throughout this adventure!’

Aston Labs Care and Share initiative was set up in 2011 to raise money and give our time to local charities. The team works closely with 10 organisations and has raised over £30,000 so far.