Mutual Benefits

Mutual benefits for us the charity and you the company

Get A-Head are a small independent charity, based in Birmingham, our goals are to raise money for patients suffering from Head and Neck disease and Cancers. We would love to work with your company in raising awareness of Get A-Head and building a healthy working relationship with you and your colleagues. There are a lot of benefits of working together, please see below.

  • Publicity, event coverage, local media, and social media on both sides
  • Increased brand loyalty & differentiation
  • Awareness & Visibility of your product, we can brand certain things, for Eg: We are branding the Kayaks in our up coming Kayak events, with the company’s logos, which are supporting us!
  • Highlights corporate social responsibility
  • Client/staff Entertainment
  • Staff morale 🙂 Often companies ask their staff to vote on a selected number of charities. We are always happy to come out to your workplace to talk about our charity and how we can work together.
  •  Building Corporate and social relationships
  • Brand Awareness for the charity – fundraisers to wear our T-Shirts, Caps, Bracelets
  • Social Media , utilise each others social media, to reach a wider audience
  • Media Coverage of Events, Large & Small, raising awareness of the company and charity’s relationship
  • Word of Mouth, tell friends, family, colleagues about the events you are holding and we will tell all of our supporters and friends, and colleagues.

Fun – raising in the office! – A few ideas

  • Raffle a day off work
  • Wear an eye patch for a day, See how it may feel
  • Sponsored Silence, how would it be without a voice?
  • Tea round duty for a week… Fiver with your name on in hat!
  • Charity lunch, all bring a dish each to share in staff room, everyone to put that day’s lunch money in (Suggestion £4.00)
  • Everyone to dress in purple- GAH colours – we have T-shirts! Wear a Hat or Scarf  – Purple of Course!

Lots of inexpensive, non time consuming, fun things to do to liven up the office now and again

To discuss opportunities of working together, please contact our charity manager Louise Newton

Tel: 0121 794 9596 or email: