Day One of Kayak Challenge

Posted by Anne-Marie on June 20, 2014








Day One of the Kayak Challenge saw the Team have a great send of from Rybrook at Hockley Heath – where the team and family, friends and supporters came to cheer them on and wave them off on their way.

The children enjoyed trying the sports cars for size!  Though I do believe some of the older kids wouldn’t say no to a weekend behind the wheel of one of those dream machines!

Bacon sandwiches and coffee for all – ready to face the 40 miles that lay ahead!

Day one was tough!  But the team took it in their stride, only on the last leg were there some tell-tale signs of tiredness!  The team were ahead of schedule – leaving the support team chasing their tail to each stop point!  The lads took a brisk steady pace and were very much in high spirits – we had lots of supporters along the way from Carl and Tracy’s family and friends, to Mark Esom and Murray West’s work colleagues!  Not forgetting the lovely wives and family at Hatton Locks of Tom, Mark E, Murray and Mark L – and the very devoted Rod and Christine, Mel Jaggard’s parents, who persisted with coming to show their support even though they missed us at several locations due to the lads pace!

After 40 miles, a very quick shower and a lovely wholesome meal, the team settled down to a well earnt cold beverage of choice and the England game !  Unfortunately England didn’t quite get the result we were after – but the Get A-Head Kayak Team will show no such weakness.  Onwards and upwards for Day 2.  Keep your eyes peeled for updates.


Louise John

Charity Manager

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