Day Three of The Kayak Challenge

Posted by Anne-Marie on June 25, 2014

Day Three was another early start, kayaks and cars all loaded up by 7am and a nice hearty breakfast for all! The boys are feeling a little tired but ready to get this challenge DONE! Fingers taped up and wrists supported and sprayed with coolfreeze! Protein bars stuffed into top pockets and camel packs filled and ready to go! 40 miles to go! Off and away early, before the heat kicked in! First check point was Cowroast Lock, were we could see from the boys faces, today was going to be a tough one!

More support joined us in the form of Julie Turbitt and family and the convoy got bigger! Lunch on day three was a short and sweet experience; we were joined by more supporters, Zoe West and family were amongst them. The boys literally ate and went, with one thought on their mind – The Final Push! Just 26 miles to go now!

Tired body’s and aching arms the team pushed off for the final leg of their challenge! All heads covered in Get A-Head caps and plenty of fluid on board to ensure dehydration was not on the agenda! The support team met the lads at plenty of stops along the way, to keep their spirits up and give them the motivation they needed to make it through the final miles! Charlie and Stuart Jaggard, were along the banks to offer some support as was Matt and Duncan Evans friends and colleague of Mark and Murray’s with a set of ‘L’ plates for their kayak!

The afternoon was hot, and humid and the team did exceptionally well under these conditions, the support team helped with locks and transportation of the kayaks between locks! All hands on deck to get our team over that finish line!


The last leg was both gruelling and exciting, the end was in sight and the massive challenge they had set themselves was about to become a reality  – with Brentford Lock lined with family, friends and supporters, the team paddled in together with smiles and cheers and admiration for one another!



















The whole team – Kayakers and Support Teams as one, worked so very hard to make this challenge such a success and I for one am beyond proud and feel very lucky to have been involved in such an adventure, that meant so much to all of those involved!

Thank you to all who donated, supported, came along to cheer us on and spread the word! We are currently at over £20,000 raised for the ACC and MTC funds, which is an amazing amount of money that will make a significant difference into research of these two rare types of cancer!

My personal thanks to the Kayak Team:

Carl and Steven

Carl- when you first approached the charity with this event, I was touched by Tracy’s story and couldn’t wait to help with this event, to see it all come into fruition has been a real highlight of my career ! Thank you for your hard work, enthusiasm and time! You were a great team leader and led the team to a huge success!

Steven – what a privilege to work with such an inspiring man! You bought fun to the event and persevered through the pain. A true gent and inspiration to us all!

Mark and Murray (the  A team)

Mark – Medium Mark!  Always smiling and polite to the support team – an absolute pleasure to work with, although a task master on the water, ‘No chewing on your watch’ poor Murray!

Murray – Fun and cheeky!  I really enjoyed working with you Murray, a real team player and kept the banter and fun alive when the tiredness kicked in! As well as the music that I know was a real lift!

Tom and Mark

Tom – what a great example for our chairman to set!  We are very proud of you!  Plenty of banter was had and you took it all in good humour!  Although sometimes you just left yourself wide open #tightwhiteshirt!

Mark – A real gent and calming soul – even though I stalled the car every time you got in! You soldiered on with blistered fingers and always had a smile for the support team! There is just one thing I will not miss hearing about – Yep those flaming roof bars!

 Our amazing support team!

John and James – Chalk and cheese, top navigators

John – aka speedy Gonzales! I thoroughly enjoyed working with you John and you were such a pleasure to deal with leading up to the event, thank you for giving up your time to be part of this amazing challenge. After day one I learnt keeping you happy was simple, just feed and water at regular intervals and all will be well!

James – our navigator extraordinaire  – with a map, a compass, iphone, sat nav and bags of patience, you got us to our destination every single time without fail! Your patience and kindness were invaluable to our team

I don’t know where I would have been without you two! But one place is for sure – Lost!!

Tracy and Sandra

Tracy what can I say, after countless cuppa’s and planning meetings we did it!  It was an absolute pleasure to have you on the support team, you captured so many great memories in your role as unofficial photographer – for which I am truly grateful, you were caring, considerate, calm, fun, stubborn (when it came to carrying cool boxes!), a real team player and I am so proud to have been involved in an event that means so much to you and your family!

Sandra-  thank you for joining us on the support team, it was a pleasure working with you and hats off to you for asking the ‘not too pleased’ farmer who’s land we were on to sponsor our event!


Mart – my ever supportive husband, thank you for giving up your weekend to help us with this challenge, for putting up with being bitten by a load of ants and supporting the team through the locks.


Paul – thank you for supporting the team along the way and for relieving me of the lovely but slightly fragrant team after hours on the canal!


Julie – thank you for your help and support on day 3 of the challenge, helping with the pit stops and pics and videos, it was a pleasure to have you on the team.


Louise John

Charity Manager