Day Two of the Kayak Challenge

Posted by Anne-Marie on June 25, 2014

Day two started out nice and early, everyone met for breakfast at 7am and fuelled up for the day ahead! We dropped the team back to yesterday’s finish point High House Bridge– just a short hop from the hotel!

The team were all in good spirits and the banter was already flowing as we waved them off for the 40 miles ahead! The weather has been very kind to us so far, and as the heat was upon us, we made sure there were plenty of meeting points factored into the day, to keep the team hydrated and fuelled!

There were a few locks along the way today, so the team had lots of ‘In and out’ stops which certainly made them work hard! The team arrived at Lindon Wharf Bridge in Milton Keynes, ready for a short break and some lunch – we were joined by the lovely Graham and Cathy Seabrook, who certainly lifted the teams spirit! Graham made sure we all had a nice cold drink and even went round and gave our shakers a shake for a few donations! Seeing people along the way really did spur the team on and after a well-earned break, they set off again with camel packs refilled and caps on to protect them from the now red hot sun!

We also gained two extra members of the support team, Martin and Paul to help with the pit stops and transportation of the kayaks, and Laura Taylor also joined us to support the team and covered a fair few miles up and down the canal on her bike, cheering the boys on and showing her support to brother Tom Bromwich.

The team didn’t let the heat slow them down though and the support team had to work hard to keep up with them at the meeting points, believe me it’s difficult finding the canal from a post code! We certainly had a lot of fun trying and many 27 point turns along the way! But with our chief navigators John and James Lippiatt we always found them just in time!

With tired arms and blisters rearing their ugly heads the team paddled on to the finish point for day two at Ivinghoe bottom lock, right on schedule! We headed to the Holiday inn Aylesbury and a feast of chicken and chips and a nice cold drink was enjoyed by all! Followed by an early night, in preparation for the final day ahead!9