Supporting those with head and neck disease

Funding Groups

  • Get A-Head Fund

    Get A-Head aim to fight all forms of Head and Neck disease, with Research, Education and the purchase of Equipment that is considered above NHS provision, at the forefront. Get A-Head is completely reliant upon voluntary income, namely the generosity of its supporters and charitable foundations, in order to fulfil its objectives.

    Over the last few years, Get A-Head has funded a range of projects and equipment that have made a real difference to those fighting head and neck disease, including:

    • Research – Please click on the separate heading for more details
    • Help to purchase pioneering Equipment for use in operations that ensures the best possible outcomes for patients, such as Harmonic scalpels that reduce bleeding and scarring and life changing equipment for patients who have lost their voice through cancer, with things like Electro-larynx’s and iPads, to help them communicate with loved ones.
    • Supporting health care professionals with further Education, including funding specialist training course for Head & Neck nursing staff, we also support a complementary therapy team, who can offer patients alternative treatments that can help relieve some of the symptoms related to cancer treatments.

    In addition to our main fund we also have three specialist funds that provide funding for Research projects. Please click on the tabs above to find out more.

  • Accelerated Cancer Drug Fund

    We’re working with the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham Charity and the University of Birmingham to give patients access to new drugs quicker than anywhere else in the country. Drug trials through pharmaceutical companies can take up to ten years before they reach patients. By working with a team at the Institute of Head and Neck Studies and Education, led by Professor Hisham Mehanna, Chair of Head and Neck Surgery, patients at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital could receive new treatments after as little as twelve months.

    Get A-Head aims to raise £250,000 to help fund a new Accelerated Cancer Drug treatment programme for the next five years. The programme will start with head and neck cancers or thyroid cancers.

    To find out more about the Accelerated Cancer Drug fund please click here

  • Medullary Thyroid Cancer (MTC) Fund

    MTC is a rare type of thyroid cancer that can run in families and it accounts for 10% of thyroid cancer cases in the UK. The outlook for people with MTC is not as good as those with other types of thyroid cancer, partly due to the way it responds to the current treatments we have. The earlier MTC can be identified, the better the outcome for the individual.

    We are currently funding a research project that is investigating the role of genetics in MTC, with the aim of identifying the genes predisposing to MTC and thereby potential therapeutic targets and treatments.

    To find out more about our Medullary Thyroid Cancer research project please click here.

  • Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma (ACC) Fund

    ACC is a rare type of cancer that can exist in many different body sites. It most often occurs in the areas of the head and neck, in particular the Salivary Glands but has also been reported in other sites.

    Only 20-25 Diagnosis’s in the UK per year. Regardless of where it starts, ACC tends to spread along nerves and bloodstream. The most common place of metastases (spreading) is the lung.

    We are providing funding for a 3-year project that is combining knowledge obtained using state of the art molecular biology techniques to genetically profile tumours obtained from patients, with data from studies in laboratory models to assess how effective targeted therapies are in treating these tumours.

    To find out more about The Royal Marsden research project into Adenoid Cystic Carcinome please click here.