Get A-Head 200 Mile Cycle Challenge Update

Posted by Anne-Marie on June 18, 2013

photo dave brown

All the Trustees and Staff at Get A-Head would like to thank Dave and his Team for their hard-work and effort in the Cycle Rides at the weekend and for raising a fantastic £1,420 (and still rising) to support our work.

Here Dave gives us an account of their experiences during the day!

A massive congratulations to US.  Really impressive achievement by all as I really wasn’t sure before we started if it was possible.  Thankfully the weather stayed relatively kind and we had the fantastic support of Bonz, without whom it would have been a whole lot harder.

In the end we had:

  • Seven 200 mile finishers – well done to Skanny, Steve Smith, Marco, Dave Morris, Dave Larner, Dave Brown and Dave (sic) Bamford…..
  • One 130 mile finisher – never one to do the ordinary, RPJ chose to finish in no mans land on 130 and I think is starting to regret that decision.  Great to have you along and for the evening entertainment in the Howard.
  • Five  100 mile finishers- well done to Jon Stone, Kaz, Len, Al Hartin and Woody
  • One 75 mile finisher – Tim Whiting – well done Tim, great company and a big effort arriving in Ilmington for a 5am start.

So a total of just over 2100 miles travelled in 16 hours of daylight, covering 5 counties and countless sugary drinks and snacks…

Highlights / lowlights:

  • Skanny changing his cleats the night before and then having to adjust them within 2 miles of us starting
  • Skanny leaving his gloves in the wrong house the night before and then leaving his sandwiches in the fridge
  • Skanny having a sore knee on 25 miles in and making it to the end
  • Skanny…..i could continue 🙂
  • Mrs Stone’s breakfast stop….4 delights – 1) warming cup of tea 2) excellent bacon sandwiches, 3) new riders to give us a lift and 4) dry socks – Jon I didn’t realise you had popped to Sainsbury’s to buy new sports socks – thanks buddy, they were a real gift…
  • Westerly wind blowing us towards rugby
  • Red traffic light leading to a quick braking, Steve Smith once again having braking issues (the noise really did lead to an accident this time), Steve’s bike tangling with Dave Larner and Steve once again hitting the deck.  Damaged shirt and blood!
  • At the same time Kaz telling me he couldn’t get his foot out of his pedal, wriggling hard and Cleat falling off.  Fixed that, checked the other foot, no cleat at all….Al Hartin and me searching the highway for bits and pieces.  I’ve never liked that bit of road either….too many speeding fines from the Camera on the other side…
  • Group split after Rugby as the undulations started to take their toll and we all started to go through ups and downs – 30 and 100 miles in..
  • Turning into the wind towards Kislingbury – seem to remember a nice looking hotel but that was perhaps a highlight of that 2hr period
  • Group split again, one group going the “wrong” way
  • Lunch stop in the rain, Piccie complaining about the quality of the one stop shop food…he was expecting a 5* lunch
  • Al Hartin eating a “zero” tablet, thinking it was a sweet, at the Wharf Inn whilst waiting for those who took a wrong turn
  • Stoney’s legs going and becoming melancholic :(as we turned away from his home at the 5 ways roundabout to add a few more miles to the clock….
  • The only puncture of the day heading into the Crabmill pub in Preston Bagot – Stoney thanks for walking with me and Mark for help to fix it
  • A fantastic welcome at the Crab Mill
  • Hitting Stratford and everyone needing non sugary food…as well as realising we had to find another 7 miles to make the 200
  • Conjecture on the actual mileage count as we had different readings…relying on Steve Smith and Skanny to provide us with the answer!
  • Arriving at our destination, 16hrs later, nearly 13 hours in the saddle….
  • A huge welcome at the Howard, photo’s, beer and food….

A few thank you’s…
To all of you who put your hand up and got involved

  • Mark Nic for organising the shirts and pub lunch on Sunday
  • Len for his nutritional advice and spreadsheet
  • Skanny for keeping the training going
  • Mr and Mrs Stone for the food and dry socks
  • Steve for the endless supply of drinks during the day – life saver
  • Bonz for driving us – without whom it would have been a whole lot harder, and finally,
  • to the supporters who greeted us at the Crab Mill and Howard Arms as we finished the day
  • to the Wives who suffered our intolerable conversations, planning, training and generally puting them second in the run up to this….

So that’s it…well done guys, keep the charity money rolling in and share any pictures that you took on the way round and at the end.