Supporting those with head and neck disease

Get A-Head and the 2.6 Challenge

On Sunday 26th April, the 2.6 Challenge was launched in response to the huge impact the cancellation of thousands of fundraising events due to COVID-19 has had on ours and many other charities fundraising.

We have been overwhelmed by the response from our supporters and fundraisers who have taken up the challenge for us.

Louise John, our Charity Manager, said: “The 2.6 challenge was a fresh and innovative idea to help charities at this difficult time devised by the London Marathon team and I am proud to say the Get A-Head army did not let us down.

The challenge invited our supporters to get creative and come up with a challenge around the numbers 2 & 6. We had supporters singing, dancing, running, cycling, rowing, bouncing and baking to name just a few,  all to help us raise a whopping £5,955.40

“This challenge was led from the front by our amazing Trustees and myself and Anne-Marie, who all took on personal challenges to support our wonderful charity.

Please take a moment to read some of the story’s and watch some of the challenge videos – my personal favourite (and yes I know I am biased ) was our youngest supporter of the challenge, my little boy Finnian, who managed a small miracle and didn’t talk for 2.6 minutes – anyone who has met him will know this was no mean feat for the little chatterbox.

So it’s a huge THANK YOU from me and all of us at Get A-Head for all of the love and support we received during this challenge – we really do have an amazing bunch of supporters.”

Below are just a few of their stories: if you would like to support them please follow the links to their individual fundraising pages or donate to Get A-Head here


For those of you who know Lou’s little chatterbox, Finnian, you will know this was no mean feat for him… it was a challenge for him too – the pure concentration on his face 💙 very proud of him getting involved and supporting Get A-Head.

Please sponsor him just a little if you can 💜 the concentration and meditation are worth a £1 or £2 – Bless him 💙

Michelle Mills and The Loughborough Boat Club Women’s Masters 2.6 Challenge

On Sunday 26th April, Michelle Mills, a partner at Bromwich Hardy, pledged to row 26 km on her indoor rowing machine – well actually it was set up in the garden as that’s the closest she could get to rowing in the great outdoors at the moment! The most Michelle had rowed in a single session on it to date was 21.5 km, so it was going to be a challenge. Inspired by the work done by Get-A-Head Charitable Trust, a charity supporting those with head & neck diseases & cancers, so this is my chosen charity. Michelle was joined by her Loughborough Rowing Club crew mates as they started the challenge together on the Sunday morning on Zoom.

Michelle had this to say,: “In the space of 12 hours I’m proud to be able to say 6 of my fellow crew mates have signed up to The 2.6 Challenge- between us we’ll be rowing 182km on Sunday! We also have a mother daughter team- this could get competitive! Thank you to Emily, Vicky, Jen, Nadine, Tilda and Sue…. together we are strong!!”

“An incredible amount of effort and generous donations, wey have raised £1,012 so far, with sponsorship still coming in – Thank You Everyone. So on the day The Loughborough Boat Club members have contributed the following: Vicky – 26k rowing, Nadine – 26k rowing, Emily – 26k rowing, Michelle – 26k rowing, Jen – 26k rowing, Sue – 26k rowing, Sandra – 26k bike, Erica – 26k bike, Zoe – 26K bike, Jerry – 26k rowing, Tilda – a Whopping 42,196m rowing!!! So far that’s 302,196km- or 11.62 #twopointsixchallenges… Boom!!! If this becomes an annual charity fundraising event for us, then with more than the 2 days notice…. onwards and upwards!”

If you would like to contribute to the teams fundraising please follow this link

Holly Reath

As some of you may know, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer back in 2012. It was a huge shock to me and my family but with the amazing care of the NHS and my fantastic consultant, I made a full recovery after having a total thyroidectomy. 

I would really like to give something back to a wonderful charity that support those suffering from head and neck cancers. My consultant was also a trustee of the charity so it would be a big thank you to him too for saving my life. 

I’ve dusted off the bike and we have bought a bike trailer for Harper and jack to cheer me on and be involved. So we will be putting our daily exercise to good use! 

So we decided to start on the Saturday before the weather turns this week just in case it gets too wet and dangerous to take the bikes out. With lots and lots of encouragement from Dave and the kids I’m so proud that we managed to do the whole 26 miles in one day! This isn’t the end though…. I will keep going this week and clocking up the miles. Keep an eye out for updates…. I’m excited to see how many miles we can get done! Thanks so much for all your support it has pushed me on; especially up some pretty horrific hills!! ❤️❤️

To continue supporting Holly just follow this link

Wendy Davies

I have always wanted to run a marathon.  But given that my exercise routine in the last couple of years has been non-existent then this would be an unrealistic challenge at the moment. However, I have decided that my 2.6 challenge to support Get Ahead will be to run 2.6 miles every day for 10 days.  My family have agreed to join me in this to support me. 

In additional to this, I’ve also decided to give up alcohol for 26 days, for anyone that knows me this will be a bigger challenge. For clarity, this challenge I will be doing solo.

Simon & Ali Fisher

The Fishers are joining the nationwide 2.6 challenge to help fund raise for all the amazing UK charities finding it tough to keep their great causes going through the COVID19 pandemic. On 26th April, Charlie (11), Annie (9) and Georgie (6) will bounce non-stop on the trampoline for 26.2 minutes, while Si will cycle 26.2 miles on his turbo in the shed and Ali will walk 2.6 miles in laps of the garden.

So what have we chosen to fundraise for? In 2014, after losing a dear colleague to cancer, Si started supporting the amazing Get Ahead Charity which helps fund research into curing head and neck cancers. This was the first time the kids helped with their own fundraising as well. 6 years on they are still keen to support and all a bit bigger now!

Phil Beevers

It should have been the London Marathon today. So instead I am going to take part in the 2.6 Challenge for Get A-Head.

Most of you will know, that I have had two separate tongue Cancers and I’m still here to tell the tale.

While I was recovering from my first Cancer, I learnt to play the Mighty Ukulele. So today I am going to sit in the front garden and play 26 Beatles songs on the ukulele in aid of Get A-Head.  So please try support us at

Tom Bromwich, Chair of Trustees said: ” I was delighted to play my small part as Chairman of The Get A Head Charitable Trust in helping to raise such vital funds. The 2.6 challenge is a fantastic initiative in these very challenging times, and as a small Charity the support we received from fellow Trustees and more importantly patients and fundraisers and colleagues was amazing – I really hope we can build on this initiative and come up with even more exciting fundraising ideas.”

Keep checking back for more of our wonderful stories