Get A-Head Supports New Cancer Unit at Solihull Hospital

Posted by Anne-Marie on July 27, 2018


At a recent Trustees meeting the team were pleased to approve a grant of £20,000 to fund 4 chemotherapy chair spaces at the new Haematology and Oncology Day Unit at Solihull Hospital. Solihull Hospital Charity raised £150,000 towards the unit, helping individuals that are currently receiving cancer treatments.

The new facility provides more peace and comfort for the patients that receive treatments and is a far lighter and brighter environment for them. Previously, patients from Solihull were required to travel to Ward 19 at Heartlands Hospital which treats over 8,000 patients annually, across 17 chemotherapy spaces.

GAH Supports Solihull Cancer UnitThe new chemotherapy centre will see a ward at Solihull Hospital renovated to a state of the art facility with up to 31 new chemotherapy spaces, increasing the number of patients that can be seen by 170%.

Consultant haematologist Dr Shankara Paneesha, who works at Ward 19, said: “It is important for our patients to be able to access services in the most comfortable way possible. The new unit at Solihull Hospital will provide a convenient and comfortable environment for patients to receive their treatment, which is a great step forward.”

Our funding will allow the Charity to help to provide the unit with newly refurbished equipment to tailor individual treatment pathways for patients.

To celebrate the opening of the Haematology and Oncology Day Unit, local celebrities came to show their support and gratitude, one of which was Tony Iommi. Tony, lead guitarist for Black Sabbath was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma back in 2012. Iommi is a patron to Ward 19 at Heartlands and regularly shows his support for the doctors and nurses who treat those with cancer.

GAH Supports Solihull HospitalLouise John, Charity Manager at Get A-Head and Anne-Marie, Administrator, were pleased to represent the Charity at their official donor opening and to see the work that had already been done to improve the unit.  Louise said: “We are delighted that we have been able to support this unit, if it can take some of the stress and worry away from what is already a difficult time for patients then that is money well invested.  Get A-Head are proud to be supporting local hospitals and it was wonderful to see other charity’s names up on the donor board for this unit.”


Samantha Howell, Fundraising Manager at Solihull Hospital said: “Thank you to the Get A-Head Charity for their extremely generous donation of £20,000 to the new Solihull Haematology and Oncology Day Unit, their donation will allow us to purchase another four chemotherapy chairs for the new day unit, which will benefit so many patients in Solihull and the surrounding areas.  We could have not purchased these chairs without the help and support from such a wonderful Charity.”