Get A-Head Skydive 2016

Posted by Anne-Marie on June 2, 2016


On Saturday 26th June we have a record number of people courageously parachuting at the Get A-Head Skydive 2016.

We’ll be highlighting our skydivers on our website and Facebook page and telling their story and why they are skydiving for Get A-Head this summer.

So, watch this space and happy Skydiving!

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Laura Crawley one of our 2015 Skydivers


Our first skydiver is Adam Stevenson, a keen skydiver who aims to raise £500 for Get A-Head. Adam knew Mel Jaggard, a dear colleague at Unilever and the driving force behind the annual Miles4Mel 180 mile cycle from Leatherhead to Gilwern.

Adam says that he’s “not to nervous” about the skydive, although may be feeling a little more nervous as the 25th June approaches!

Fun fact about Adam: he once appeared as an extra in Coronation Street, appearing in the infamous Rover’s Pub!

If you’d like to know more about Adam and donate to his Just Giving page, click here;


Katherine Carter 6Next up in our Skydiving Team is Katherine Carter, a second time Get A-Head skydiver and like Adam, was a colleague of Mel Jaggard. Katherine has managed to convince 7 other Unilever employees to jump 12,000ft for Get A-Head on the 25th June.

Katherine has also completed the 180 mile Miles4Mel bike ride, with just 15 weeks training in 2015! She’s managed to rack up 1200 miles on the saddle, including cycling to Paris in September 2015.

Katherine has managed to raise a massive £1465 out of her £1350 target. If you’d like to donate to Katherine or find out more about her, click here to find her Just Giving page…/KatherineCarterMiles4Mel3


Jamie Archer 1Our third skydiver is Jamie Archer, who wants to raise money and vital awareness of ACC in memory of his dear colleague, Mel Jaggard.

Jamie has completed 100 miles of the 180 mile cycle for Miles4Mel and has decided to do the Get A-Head skydive too, even though he’s not a fan of heights! Never the less, Jamie has decided to skydive and aims to raise £1,400 for Get A-Head, alongside three other skydivers, with high hopes of raising £3000!

If you’d like to find out more about the team of DEO skydivers, click here;



Steph Van Lint


Our next skydiver is Steph Van Lint who also works for Unilever, and is skydiving instead of cycling for Miles4Mel this year. She is skydiving alongside her team at Unilever, who aim to raise over £2,000 for Get A-Head.

This will be Steph’s second skydive, completing her first one over 4 years ago at Mission beach in Australia!

Steph and her team helps to raise vital funds and awareness for Get A-Head, and if you’d like to donate to her Just Giving page, please click here


yasmin 1


Today’s skydiver is Yasmin Tavassoly-Marsh. Although Yasmin is scared of heights (a theme this year!) she is testing her limits and jumping out of a plane for Get A-Head!

She is part of the Deo – Divers team, who hope to raise a massive £2,000 for Get A-Head! To find out more about the Deo Divers and donate to their Just Giving page, click here



Elaine, Sarah, Laura and Luke


Luke Harrison, a man with 40 pairs of trainers, will be getting out his best skydiving shoes for Get A-Head on the 25th June.

Luke is a TSSU at BMI Edgbaston Hospital, and works alongside a team of consultants and theatre practitioners to help those affected by head and neck cancer and diseases.

Luke has always wanted to do the skydive, and has plucked up the courage this year to take the leap and hopefully raise £350. If you’d like to donate to Luke’s Just Giving page, please click here







Shahz is a Consultant ENT and Skull Base Surgeon and Vice Chairman of Get A-Head, and has convinced quite a few of his colleagues to skydive for Get A-Head this year!

He originally wanted to skydive as a nose, but the skydive company sadly declined due to health and safety reasons. However he will still be skydiving with his team at BMI Edgbaston Hospital on the 25th June, and aims to raise £1,500 as a team and £1,000 with his NHS Personal Assistant.


BMI Edgbaston JumpersElaine Ballard is our next intrepid skydiver, hoping to raise at least £500 for Get A-Head on the 25th June

Elaine is a ODP in theatre at the BMI Edbaston Hospital, and works alongside Consultant ENT and Skull Base Surgeon, Shahz Ahmed. She wants to complete the skydive and tick it off her bucket list, and describes Get A-Head as an “amazing charity” which she’d like to raise money for.

Elaine’s fundraising page is,. If you would like to sponsor Elaine in her bucket list entry, please visit her Just Giving page.

Elaine, Sarah, Laura and Luke


Sarah Prest is our next fundraiser who will be facing her fears on the 25th June.

Although Sarah is petrified of heights, she was asked to do the skydive by Shahz Ahmed, who works alongside her at the BMI Edgbaston Hospital. In her role as theatre practitioner, she sees how the funds Get A-Head provides aid to those with head and neck cancers and diseases.

Sarah aims to raise at least £500 for Get A-Head, and if you’d like to donate, please see her Just Giving page


52668fdc-68ea-4a4e-8959-cf720328d24bLaura Dowd is skydiving with her brother Steven Dowd on the 25th June and hopes to raise over £500 for Get A-Head.

This will be Laura’s second skydive, and has decided to raise funds for Get A-Head because she has seen first hand how head and neck cancer affects others. She has witnessed how the charity have done some “great work” and supported a family friend, and now wants to raise money for others to receive that help too.

Laura is scared of heights, but taking on the skydiving challenge all to raise vital funds for Get A-Head. If you’d like to donate to her Just Giving page, please click here