Grant Awarded to QEHB Allergy Clinic

Posted by Anne-Marie on August 29, 2014

NIO Analyser Purchased with a Grant from Get A-HeadGet A-Head are pleased to announce that the Trustees recently approved a Grant to purchase a NIOX MINO analyser for the region’s first multidisciplinary allergy clinic based at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham.

The clinic is a dedicated service for ENT patients who have complex allergies affecting their daily lives.  The analyser measures the levels of exhaled nasal nitric oxide and helps the team to make a decision on treatment and allows patients a one-stop clinic with management decisions made instantly.

The photo features Louise John, Charity Manager, presenting the equipment to the Consultant Team of Dr Alex Richer, Consultant Immunolgy, Dr Duncan Wilson, Consultant Respiratory and Mr Shahz Ahmend, Consultant ENT