Head in the clouds for charity

Posted by Louise John on August 15, 2014

On Saturday 9th August a group of 10 very brave and a dedicated supporters took to the sky to raise awareness and funds for Get A-Head!

Skydive Aug 14

The team included Get A-Head Charity manager Louise and her husband Martin, and Louise Connor from Lemon Zest Events rallied up the other 8 in the group with members of the Lemon Zest team and friends and family!

We all arrived at Hinton Airfield in Brackley bright and early and signed in for what was going to be a very nerve wracking day! All were in good spirits and we had lots of family and friends come along to support us and cheer us on!

We all had to attend the safety briefing, which made it feel all very real, and during the morning we all went up two by two , only not quite onto the Ark, but a very small aircraft travelling up to 13,000 feet!

When it was my turn to go up, I was nervous, but excited! Boiler suited up and briefed by my lovely instructor Glen Morris, I was ready!!! Being strapped to a very capable and experienced instructor certainly eased any anxiety, I didn’t really know what to expect, so when we boarded the plane, it was just a very small aircraft with two benches on either side, we had to sit with legs either side, as we climbed up to 13,000 feet, we were fastened safely to our instructors and briefed again with our instructions for our jump!

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Sitting in a plane, knowing that in a short space of time you will be jumping out of it is very surreal! So here we were at 13,000 feet and the doors open! Experienced jumpers just up and out like it was a walk in the park! It was so bizarre one minute they are on the edge of the ledge then just gone! The tandem jumpers are the last to go out! I watched my husband shuffle towards the door way on his instructors lap, and then disappear! But there was no time to worry, as I was next at the door way! Glen calmly moved us towards the door way, with me on his lap, my legs were literally dangling in the clouds, he asked me ‘Ready?’ I nodded and there we were in free fall at 120 miles per hour, travelling the distance of 1.5 miles in around 45 seconds! What a thrill! I honestly cannot describe the exact feeling that took over my body during that free fall, but it was truly amazing! After the free fall came the parachute, and then time to relax! Once the parachute was open, we hung around in the air, and Glen gave me control of the steering – very trustworthy ! I remember thinking when on earth would you get the chance to just hang about in the sky, looking at everything below you! So this is what it’s like to be a bird! When it was time to come in for landing, I was a little nervous, but did as I was shown and lifted my legs and bent my knees, and the landing was just perfect! I landed with a huge smile and just a little bit relieved that I was firmly on the ground! All be in with slightly wobbly legs!

The whole experience was fantastic and the whole team loved it – I am very proud to have been there with such a great group of people who not only achieved personal challenges, but raised awareness of Get A-Head and a fabulous amount of fundraising has been done – If you would still like to donate to this fab team – please follow https://www.justgiving.com/Martin-Newton1/

With love and thanks to all who supported us and donated!


Charity Manager

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