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We are looking for people to join our exclusive club and pledge to raise £500 over 12 months.

Get A-Head’s 500 Club Challenge is a fundraising challenge aimed at individuals, clubs or groups and companies. Whether you’re an individual, a Scout or Guide group, Sports Club, School, a community service group like a Rotary Club, Women’s Institute or Lions Club, a local small company or just a group of friends, we’re challenging you to raise £500 for Get A-Head in 2014, our 20th Anniversary year.

Why take part? 

We rely on fundraising and donations to continue fighting head and neck cancer and other diseases by raising funds for the education, medical research and purchase of vital medical equipment that the NHS cannot afford.  We also support the provision of free Complementary therapies such as Acupuncture, Reflexology, Reike and Chinese Massage for patients receiving cancer treatment.  Taking part in our 500 Club Challenge will make a real difference to people affected by head and neck disease.

£500 could:

  • Purchase 8 electro-larynxes for patients who have had their voicebox removed during surgery.
  • Provide 25 sessions of Complementary Therapy for patients having cancer treatment.
  • Fund a full days Head & Neck Training Course for 5 specialist nurses.
  • Purchase a computer tablet and specialist apps to provide a voice for patients who can no longer speak due to extensive surgery.

How it Works

There are two main ways you can raise funds for Get A-Head:

  • Organising a fundraising event! From coffee mornings to quizzes, raffles to discos, all you need to do is get together, have a little fun and think about how you can raise a little money too!
  • Taking on a personal challenge. From running a marathon to giving up chocolate, set yourself a goal and get your friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you

But we’re not asking you to go it alone! We’ll provide you with support and ideas to get you started, including posters to help you promote your events, fundraising tips, a totaliser to track how well you’re doing, and lots more besides.

If you’re taking on a personal challenge, we can provide you with sponsor forms, and even help you set up an online fundraising page so that you can reach all of your supporters at once – all over the world!

We’re here to help! Just get in touch!

We’d also like to share your fundraising efforts with everyone! By sending us photos and stories, we can include these on our website and in our newsletter. We’ll also send regular updates to everybody taking part in the challenge.

What to do next

For more information and to join the challenge please

Download our 500 Club Challenge leaflet

or contact us at the office on 0121 794 9596 or email