London Marathon 2018 Runners Raise £17,500 for Get A-Head

Posted by Anne-Marie on April 27, 2018

The Virgin Money London Marathon 2018 – on Sunday 22 April – saw four dedicated runners take to the streets of London to run the 26.2 miles of the world’s best marathon and raise over £17,500 for Get A-Head. It was a fantastic day, in fact it turns out it was the hottest London Marathon ever and the crowds of supporters were out in force – the London Marathon truly has an unbeatable atmosphere!

Thank you so much to John Dickinson, Michael Gloster, Rob Alderson & Lee Constable for choosing to run the London Marathon 2018 and support Get A-Head and thank you to their friends and families for sponsoring them. Please do share your pictures and stories with us!

Our runners donation pages on Virgin Money Giving are still open so please do dig deep in support of their incredible achievement:

Michael @ London Marathong 2018Michael Gloster, is a friend of our Chair of Trustees, Tom Bromwich, and decided to run the London Marathon for the first (and very probably last) time!!  Michael wanted to help us raise awareness of Get A-Head as well as raise lots of funds to support our work, he finished the marathon in 4hr 33mins.  Michael said ; Wow, the whole experience was fantastic but much tougher and more painful than I was expecting!  Despite all the training, which admittedly took a bit of a hit towards the end due to snow, work commitments, a chaotic house move and perhaps a bit of complacency on my part, my legs just weren’t up to the 26.2 mile challenge in such warm conditions.  I probably set off a bit too fast and should have adjusted my pace to the conditions sooner.  As the 3:30 and then 3:45 pacemakers disappeared into the distance my focus turned to just surviving and making it to the finish line in one piece. By the halfway stage most of the muscles in my legs started cramping up and I had to really slow down in order to keep moving.  The crowds of people lining the street were absolutely amazing and helped keep me going with their encouraging cheers, plenty of “high fives” and a range of sweets, oranges, bananas and ice lollies. The regular water, energy drink and shower stations were a big help too. 

By the time I reached the last couple of miles the cramp had gone but my legs were totally drained.  It was here that the crowds and volume increased and I was able to take in the atmosphere and enjoy the moment despite the pain and fatigue.  Although I mistook the “800m to go” sign for the finish line and started my sprint finish a bit too early!”

You can still sponsor Michael by visiting

John Dickinson, is also a friend of Tom’s, and couldn’t pass up the offer to run the London Marathon, even though he always thought people that run a marathon were and are completely nuts.  John wanted to help raise awareness of Get A-Head as well as raise lots of funds to support our work and he finished the marathon in 5hrs 1min John had this to say about his experience: What a day!!  It is an experience that everyone should do at least once in their life and wow it was hot.  From the moment we left Greenwich park the streets were packed with people cheering everyone on, the sun had definitely brought people out and showed what a great city London is.  The noise was intoxicating and at times you couldn’t hear yourself think.  A truly incredible experience and one I will not forget.”   

Please donate to John’s fundraising by visiting

Rob Alderson was running in memory of his Dad, who died from head & neck cancer 16 years ago.  Rob completed the marathon in a very respectable 3hrs 48mins. Rob says: “It was absolutely brutal in the heat and it felt like the training went out the window once I was out there. But the support was phenomenal and when the legs seemed to stop working, the crowds definitely help pull you along. My dad, who Get A-Head helped before his throat cancer became fatal, ran the marathon in the 1990s and I tried to imagine him alongside me when the going got very tough.”  

Please visit Rob’s VirginMoney Giving page to donate:

Lee Constable is tailor at Clements & Church in Oxford and decided to run the London Marathon after Mark Nash, the owner of Clements & Church, successfully bid for a place in the London Marathon at our annual ball in November but decided he wasn’t running it !!  Lee was running his first ever marathon and finished in 5hr 26mins and you can still sponsor him at

Louise Newton, Charity Manager at Get A-Head said: ”I admire anyone who is willing to take on such a challenge in the name of charity.  Months and months of gruelling training and dedication certainly paid off.  Huge thanks goes to all four of our runners,  what an amazing achievement and a fabulous amount raised to help those with head and neck disease.”