Nechells Soulboy

Posted by Anne-Marie on February 23, 2015

Special thanks must go to Ian ‘Nechells Soulboy’ Hewston for his generous donation of £1,139.50.  Ian recently celebrated his 60th Birthday and to celebrate went to the USA, to fulfill a dream of his, to visit the Southern States, and look up all the Soul Museums, Recording Studios etc., taking in Memphis, New Orleans etc ………

Soulboy Lou Ian Ken 2

l-r Ken Wiggins, Louise Newton, Charity Manager at Get A-Head and Ian Hewston

He wrote about his adventure, mainly for his wife & daughters and produced a diary of his time in America with the whole story of his trip and the venues he visited. However, a colleague read his diary and suggested he should put his story out to a wider audience, and see what happens. So he did and asked friends and family to make a donation for a copy of his ‘Soulboy’s American Adventure 2014’, over 150 people donated and Ian chose to support Get A-Head, as his close friends Ken & Janet Wiggins are involved with us and are members of the Get A-Head Patient Group.