Patient Group Christmas Party

Posted by Anne-Marie on December 17, 2014

On Friday 12th December we had a wonderful Christmas celebration for the head and neck disease patients with our families and friends. The Get A-Head Patient Group Christmas party was a great success. New friendships were made, fun was had with the games we played raising funds to help towards the costs and the fun continued with the live entertainment provided by Maeve Smith’s Irish Dancers and the music and stories from ‘The Hurling Boys’. 

Photo Mantage

We were very happy that we attracted so many people which far exceeded expectations. So much so that we ran out of space. Charity manager Louise and charity administrator Anne-Marie did a fabulous job getting more seating and organising the tables to ensure everyone felt included.

Early feedback suggests that people liked everything about it with one of our guests saying ‘I wouldn’t consider another venue, as it’s perfectly located, and it’s just the right size for creating a good atmosphere….’, ‘The music was  great too ……’, ‘I would book the whole thing again as is ………… why fix something that isn’t broke?’.     

If you agree and have feedback of your own that you would like to share please either contact the office or join us at the Green Man Harborne on Tuesday 13th January 2015, 18.30 – 20.30. We want to make a success of our monthly meetings at the Green Man, organise more fun social nights and have information meetings with guest speakers, we need your input to make this happen.

My personal thank you is to everyone for turning up and making it such a fun night, to the volunteers including the charity office staff who gave up there time to ensure everything ran smoothly and finally to the staff at the Edgbaston Priory Club (especially Santa’s little helper!! J )

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

                                                                                                                                Janet  x