Skydivers take the leap for Get A-Head

Posted by Anne-Marie on June 29, 2016

On Saturday 26th June, a total of 14 fundraisers plummeted 13,000ft to raise funds for Get A-Head, and have to date raised nearly £10,000 between them.

Skydive 2016

Get A-Head Skydive 2016

The 14 fundraisers included Shahz Ahmed and a team at BMI Edgbaston Hospital. The team at BMI work closely with head and neck cancer and disease patients, and see first hand the challenges that these patients go through. To give back, the team at BMI have gone on to raise a staggering £4,000.

Another team of “Deo Divers” took the challenge too. A team of four Unilever employees, set to raise £2000 in memory of their colleague Mel Jaggard, who died from a rare form of neck cancer, Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma, in 2013. 

Jamie Archer Freefalling for Get A-Head

Jamie Archer Freefalling for Get A-Head

Jamie Archer, who also cycled 100 miles for the annual bicycle ride for Mel Jaggard, said this about the skydive; “It was a great to raise over £2,000 for an amazing charity and to put a tick in a box, but you will never, ever catch me doing that again!”

Other skydivers included Laura Murphy and Kimberly Green who were also colleagues of Mel at Unilever and  Mikes Bates, who also completed a marathon for Get A-Head in 2014.

Louise Newton, Charity Manager for Get A-Head said;

“We were ecstatic when we realised the final numbers for the skydive, and we are thrilled that they have all successfully taken the challenge. The funds raised will go towards research, education and equipment to aid patients with head and neck cancers and diseases”