About Us

Our Mission

We’ve made it our mission at Get A-Head to raise vital funds to directly help improve the quality of life for patients suffering from head and neck diseases and those who care for them. Money we raise is used to fund:

Equipment – Much of the larger, more specialised pieces of equipment needed to correctly diagnose a patient’s illness are too expensive to be funded by the NHS but with our help, we can help ensure that hospitals have access to the latest technology.

Research – Our work helps to raise funds for vital research which means specialists have a better understanding of head and neck diseases to ensure more effective treatments can be developed.

Education – Sharing information via lecturing on relevant courses, producing editorials and reviews in associated medical journals, assisting specialist training for nurses and other key personnel are all areas funded by Get A-Head.

Putting your donations to good use

Rest assured any donations made to Get A-Head are making a real difference to those people suffering from head and neck diseases.

Over the years, we have supported a wide range of research projects and drug treatment programmes, funded the purchase of pioneering, life-changing surgical equipment and supported a wide-range of healthcare professionals with further education. In addition, we have directly helped patients to recover from the longer-term impacts of surgery by providing counselling and complementary therapy.


At Get A-Head, we have funded research into:

Supporting Research, Education & Equipment.

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Supporting Education

Get A-Head provides two scholarships a year to sponsor doctors through courses at universities based in the West Midlands. We also pay for health professionals to attend specialist head and neck and thyroid day courses at the Royal Marsden in London.

Our students are registered at the Universities of Birmingham, Warwick, Keele, Wolverhampton and Glasgow. Get A-Head is committed to sponsoring professional development in its widest aspects.